Welcome to Nature's Smiles

We know where teeth belong - Science, Art, and Nature in a Smile. We are a locally owned and operated dental lab based in Murray and Orem, Utah. Our owner is a CDT (Certified Dental Technician) and a member of NADL (the National Association of Dental Laboratories). We offer local, personalized care for your patients and their cases, as well as same day service from an experienced team.


 Eliminate The Bite Rim

 Give us two good models and a shade and we will sent you a wax try-in with teeth. That’s the magic of the Staub-Cranial Technology.



 Dental Intensive Care

 Nature's Smiles uses math and science to reveal the Condylar Code for definitively and effectively treating joint pain, hearing loss and skeletal issues due to TMJ dysfunction.



 Implant Retained... Rewarding!

 Nature’s Smiles has the experience to accomplish complex cases in fewer appointments, with greater accuracy and at lower costs.



 Two Impressions and a Shade

 Wax rims are a thing of the past. All we need is two accurate impressions and a shade – and we will send back your case ready for try-in. Nature’s Smiles has already made the investment. There is nothing for the doctor to buy and no special training that is required. We want you and your practice to experience this new technology. Save time and money by using lab technology.